I'm Genesa. I'm a SAHM, and I love it. I think I've always wanted to be a mother and stay at home taking care of my babies! (so it works out well for me!)

I home school my kids. Some days are great and others not so much! I think that's just part of life. We try our best to make it work. I feel like it's really important that I do the best I can in this area, cause after all I'm teaching them all they need to know.

I enjoy taking pictures and editing them. I am by no means that great at it, but it is fun to me! If you don't like pictures you probably won't want to hang around here!!!

I like being active and playing with my kids and husband. We love to go camping and spend quality time together. We garden and we really enjoy nature.

Most importantly I'm a Christian. I love Jesus. I'm not perfect, and on a very regular basis screw up, but he's always there waiting to forgive me. I think that John 14:6 is a great summary....I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except thru me. You have to have Jesus! I can't wait to spend eternity with my Savior.



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