What I Believe

I believe in God, I believe in the Trinity. God in 3 persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I believe God sent his one and only Son (Jesus) to die on the cross. He did this because he loves us, and we need a way to get to him. In the old testament, people had to offer sacrifices in order to earn favor with God. He spoke often of the perfect lamb, a coming messiah. He sent Jesus to walk this earth as a man. He died a brutal death for me, for everyone. He is my atonement. Because he was willing to die I am able to have eternal life. All I have to do is accept Jesus as my personal savior. It's very simple. I strive to be Christ-like, but I am far from that. I sin on a daily basis, I repent and God forgives me.

In being a Christian I want to raise my children in a Godly way. I pray that each one gives their heart to Jesus because I know it's the most important decision they'll ever make. I also pray that Mark and I are living a life set apart for them to see. I don't want my kids (or anyone for that matter) to ever wonder what I believe, where I stand, or Who I follow. I enjoy just watching my kids play, praising God for the blessing they are.

I know God puts us all here for a reason. I think he created this world for us to take care of and enjoy, to bring glory to Him. I'm trying to do my part with a more "green" lifestyle - gardening, buying locally, reducing waste, etc.


Laura at By the Bushel April 14, 2010 at 6:18 PM  

visited you today via homestead revival, then I think someone else.
What a beautiful blog.
I think I'm going to try your stromboli recipe.
Best- & blessings of God to you and yours, Laura


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