"Antique" french door

 I have been seeing more and more antique window/door decorating ideas on Pinterest. So I decided to share what I did with my door. When I was looking for ideas I didn't see anything exactly like this. I may just not have looked in the right place, but I feel like this is pretty unique. 
My parents bought a property many years ago and it had a shed.  In the shed were these beautiful doors.  Some of the glass was still in the panes, and they were a dark wood.  I had always wanted them, I really wanted to replace the glass and use them as french doors...but it wouldn't work in my house.  I decided that even if I couldn't use them as real doors I still wanted them. 

I brought them home and painted them turquoise. After talking about it for quite awhile my husband decided he could attach a small piece of trim to the bottom and then a piece of quarter round to that. After we did that we were ready to hang them! 
 (we hung them using the cleat method) (I think that's what you call it!)

 I was going to put them both in the living room.  One above the couch and one above the open stairway. You can see it just to the left in the picture below.  After hanging the first one we decided there was no way we were going to hang the other one above the stairs.  My sister was lucky enough to snag the other one.  She painted hers red and decorated it completely different than mine! (Hers looks great as well!)
 Here is a close up of the ledge, if I were doing it again I would make it deeper. We had a couple of the frames fall  off so we had to attach the frames with heavy duty Velcro. 

Here is the other side of the room.
 (You can see I have an antique window with a giant picture of my kids feet!) 

One more a little closer so you can enjoy the giant baby head!!!


Gideon Gene

I know I haven't posted in a long time,but decided I needed to share this little guy!   He was a TOTALLY unexpected blessing.  I spent the whole pregnancy in shock that I was pregnant!  Now that he's here, I still can't believe God blessed us with another one.   He decided to arrive 3 weeks early, thankfully he was healthy!  He has been an amazing baby, very laid back, he almost never cries.  His sister and brothers are loving him!

Gideon Gene~7lbs 8oz~19.25 inches~October 25th


Fall Happenings!

 About a month ago we went on a little excursion with my in-laws!  We started with some hiking at Tippecanoe River State Park.  It was a nice park. We saw some beautiful fall colors. I loved the white trees, I think my Father in law said they were sycamore.  Zeke and Titus were with us, just didn't get any pictures of them.

 Then we went to Jasper Pulaski wild preserve.  A friend of my in-laws told them about this place, it was like nothing I'd ever seen before.  My pictures don't do it justice.  It's one of those places you have to go and see with your own eyes! The number of cranes flying in was amazing. 



Another month has passed us by!  Here are some of my shots from August!

 Brie was baptized at the beginning of the month!

  The middle of the month we had a surprise party for my parents 40th anniversary.   They had no idea!  All 14 of the grand kids kept the secret for about a month!

We did some Geocaching the same weekend of the party!
 A random headstone at the cemetery. 

Playing Harvest Time with the little boys one day during school!

We have a hayfield behind us, so the next couple of shots are from them baling the hay.  

This is my newest addition to the house. It's an old door that was in my parents shed.  My dad graciously gave it to me!  It has been painted and ready to hang since the beginning of July! I have 2 of them, I think the other one will end up in my bedroom.  The big empty spot is for Reuben's picture!  I'm waiting on a frame! 


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