Spring Cleaning Week 3 Master Bedroom

Happy Monday! It's a new week so a new room. If you want to follow along or join in go here. As you can see our bedroom gets neglected. It is really easy to throw stuff on the dresser (notice the picture!!) close the door and walk out! Right now Zeke has rest time in here so we also end up w/ books he's reading or things he's creating on our nightstand or dresser. Now here's the REALLY bad part the nightstand has an EMPTY drawer. Soon it will have 2, but my point is why do we not put the stuff in the drawer.......you guessed it LAZY! We are making more of an effort to stay on top of our clutter problems and actually get rid of stuff we don't use or need. We have lots of stuff to get rid of in here. Clothes, books, papers will be gone thru and put where they belong or gotten rid of. My comforter is dry clean only so I'm going to hang it outside and let it air out. I just heard from my mil that heat is what kills the dust mites so I might throw it into the dryer first. We will scrub down the walls, clean the window, and dust everything. I don't know about decor, good chance it won't change. The closet is more disastrous than the bedroom. I'm ashamed to admit that I often want to work in there and then think OK no one sees it so we will let it go. It's really our "storage area" b/c of the size. We really don't have other places to put stuff so a lot of stuff goes in here b/c it has no where else to go. Hopefully this week I can get everything organized and cleaned and taken care of the way it should be! Good luck and have a great week!


Sarah March 16, 2009 at 1:44 PM  

I always think that too, it doesn't matter no one will see it, I will just close the door.... But, then I expect my boys to keep their rooms clean, while mine I let get cluttered. (My boys don't help the situation in MY room either, dragging stuff in all the time...) Most of us have our work ahead of us!

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