Spring Cleaning Week 9 -Kitchen

Well we are almost done! I can't believe how much we've gotten done! Feel free to join in, go here. This week is the kitchen.
I got a head start last week, but I still have plenty to do. I have to scrub most of the walls and I have all my lower cabinets to clean, and 3 upper cabinets left to clean. It's a great time to reorganize or get rid of what you don't use since your taking everything out of your cabinets to clean them! My mil cleaned above the cabinets for me! I have to do windows and curtains. The floors and baseboards need a good scrub too. I can't forget about the appliances, they need a good cleaning to. (I'm including the sink in this too!) I have a few new things for my walls, and of course some clutter to pick up. Be sure to check out Sarah's site for a detailed list of what to do! She'll get you motivated!!!


Sarah April 27, 2009 at 3:10 PM  

Great job!!! I was just working on mine, and it's amazing how my Caden WANTS to help! I'll take it, I need all of the help I can get!

We are going to be done wiwth Spring Cleaning just in time for Baby, aren't we??? =) I wish I had Spring cleaning done before my last one was born!

Thanks for linking and working so hard!!! =)


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