This is a tutorial for a prayer journal. You could make this into about anything: notes, journal, address book, grocery list, budget book, you get the idea!!!

First step is to get out all your crafting supplies and make a big mess!!! (i.e.- scrap booking materials, glue, scissors, embellishments)

Next get a notebook of some kind. (I wanted a spiral bound one, but you could use a mini composition one too) I'm using this for a prayer journal, so to make mine more usable I wanted a spiral one.

Next get some ribbon and tape it to the front and back covers. I used clear packing tape. I put mine in the middle of the book so I can easily tie it shut. You can see in the next 2 pictures the ribbon taped to both sides.

Next cut card stock to fit the covers. I covered the front and back and the front inside. You can see the cover at the edge by the spiral. (if that bothers you, you can coordinate your colors or use one of the composition type books) Glue them on however you like. (I had some scrap booking dots that I used and some craft glue.)

Now it's time for embellishing. I made a label and I also added a bible verse label. (eph. 6:18) You could dress it up with whatever you have, or however you want!
You're almost done! I almost left it like this, but was afraid the bible verse would get in the way.

So I decided to glue the verse on at the top. (the ribbon is also tied to the spiral) Now you're done!
Mine will be filled with my prayers. When I'm cooking or doing my dishes I'll open it up and be able to spend my chore time more beneficially. I thought this was a pretty frugal craft and very easy! It would make a great gift!


Megan November 23, 2009 at 8:39 AM  

Great idea Gen, they look great!


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