Baby Food! Part 1

Yes I make my own baby food!

I know, I know can I get much weirder??? (yes I can, but that's a post for another day!)

Baby food is very easy to do! I realize that most of you who read this don't have babies, but...........I have another idea for you.

I have some picky eaters in this house!! Do any of you have those??? Probably not, huh!!! Do yours always ask for more brussel sprouts!! Well not the case here! (Of course we've never had brussel sprouts!!!)(Zeke is the worst one) Raw carrots and (literally) 5 peas is his veggie intake. We don't have those 2 particular veggies every night so most days Zeke gets 0 veggies. My whole family could use more, considering none of us have the 5-9 we should have. Mark and I had been discussing nutrition aaaannnd I was making baby food, then it hit me.

This brilliant idea..... While I'm making supper I could take 2-3 cubes of my "baby food" and throw it into our food. (Mostly casseroles.) I know some of our meals it won't work, but I'm going to be experimenting to see how it goes! I of course will pass along my experiences to you.

Hopefully it works!!!!


Megan December 15, 2009 at 6:15 PM  

Hmmm interesting I hope I understood it right!!! Not sure it that would work around here, but I'm curious what you find out. We don't have many casseroles. I bet you won't even know it's there!

Hope Zeke is better!


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