I'm a little behind, but here are some pictures of our Christmas celebrations.

This was our first celebration, a picture of all of us (hubby's side!) I was a bad "photographer" and totally forgot the camera! (and yes I know I look like I'm 7+ months pregnant,I'm working on it!)

Next was our Christmas on Christmas day.

Zeke is hugging his gift here: Star Wars Legos! I guess he likes it!

Titus opening up his John Deere truck/tractor/wagon. We got it from EBAY, and it's almost as old as I am, but he loves it!

Reuben eating the paper! His first Christmas! (sorry for the bad pic, I was messing w/ the settings on the camera!)

Brie opening some of the books she got!

I loved this picture of all of them reading their books. (I'm so thankful that they like books!)

Here the older 2 are opening one of the last presents. Wii games! You can see the excitement in their eyes. Brie's saying did we get a Wii? This is where it gets fun!!!
Me: Sorry we couldn't afford the Wii this year, maybe next year. We got you some games that you can take and play @ your cousins houses. Them: OK! Maybe next year!

In the above picture where they are all reading......Mark is in the living room setting up the Wii! We brought them into the living room, Mark turned on the TV, they heard the music and said: What, we did get the Wii! They were so excited!

I know some of you think that was mean, but we thought it was great!!! I think they enjoyed it! Who doesn't love a great surprise????

Our last Christmas, with my side. For some reason I didn't get a picture of Zeke opening his presents. Here are the other 3 opening up some of their presents!


Megan January 7, 2010 at 7:11 AM  

I think that was a great way to present the Wii!!! Sounds fun!


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