I've been spending more time researching plastics and options, probably too much time! I came across this blog over the weekend. I think Beth has some good ideas and info. One thing I was curious about was bread storage, well she had a post all about it. I was sure I was going to have to buy a breadbox for $35-50, (or more) and that still didn't take care of my freezing problem. After reading this post I realized that I just have to find a few popcorn tins. Of course, I'm not sure how easy this will be.... =) (She suggests looking at thrift stores!)
I was reading through the comments and came across this post on bread bags. I'm planning on trying this out too. I will keep you posted if I am able to try it.

*Thanks Sarah and Shannon for all your ideas! I know this is a journey and with all journeys you have to make some decisions. I think in the past few months I've already made a lot of strides in this journey, but still have a lot I can do! I love hearing what others do, because for me it helps me brainstorm. I personally feel like with stores...less is more. The more I can make the less I buy! Which I think is (normally) healthier too!



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