Spring Cleaning Week 1 Entry

Yay, it's cleaning time! Sarah did this last year, and it is a great way to clean. It's easy and not at all overwhelming!
Thank you for doing it again Sarah.

Here is my "public" entry. It needs a really good deep clean. I'm going to scrub the walls, floor, doors, and windows. (everything)

I want to go through our "game" closet and see if there is anything to get rid of, or put up for a while. Does anyone need any hangers? =)

Here is our "private"entry. It gets far dirtier than our main entrance. Since it comes in from our garage there is a lot of dirt, rocks, gravel, so in turn our shoes bring it all in the house. (I guess I really need to clean the garage! ) All the surfaces need a REALLY good scrub down.
In both areas I need to check coats, see if any need to be given away, sold, or put up for future use. It would be nice if we could put away the winter goods, but not yet! Go visit Sarah and join in!


Sarah March 1, 2010 at 7:56 AM  

I am so excited to get this cleaning done. I wish I had time to scrub things down, so they were clean all the time! But with little boys, you and I both know it isn't possible to keep things clean all the time... My house cries out for Spring Cleaning! From about the 3 foot level and down on walls and doors cries out to be Spring Cleaned!

Thanks for participating! :)

Faithful Mali March 1, 2010 at 12:37 PM  

I'm just stopping by from Sarah's blog to encourage you in your spring cleaning. I'm doing this, too. Good luck!


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