Rag Roll!

I have a beautiful little girl who sometimes wants her hair curly. (she has very straight hair!) (can anyone relate?) I have tried hot rollers, curling irons, braids. Nothing really worked. I saw this idea on a blog somewhere quite a while ago,and decided to try it. It is really easy, and it really makes your hair curly!

It takes me 10-15 minutes to do her hair. (she has fine hair, if you have thick hair it may take longer.)

I used an old t-shirt that had holes, and cut it into 4-6 inch sized strips.
We always start with clean hair, it can be dry/ damp/ or wet. (I haven't noticed that one works better than another)
I take a section of hair, I suppose it would be about the size of one strand of hair for a braid. (does that make sense?) (you could do different size strands)
I smooth it out and then twist it. I take the t-shirt strip slide it down to the end of the hair, I wrap the bottom around the strip and I roll it under all the way up to the top and tie the strip in a knot.

rolling it

Tying it

what it looks like.

All done! (I will try to take a video later and put it on here!)

(Where ever I saw this likened the rags to an extra pillow!!)


carrie February 17, 2011 at 3:34 PM  

my mom used to roll my hair like this all the time when i was a little girl...it always worked well ...but i slept in the rag rollers so it got very curly and stayed that way a long time!

Genesa February 18, 2011 at 10:16 AM  

Yes Carrie, she sleeps in hers too. I guess I didn't make that clear, sorry. (Hers stays curly for several days!)


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