We are nearing the end of our school year, and as I was checking to see if we were on track, I realized we had a problem. Brie was behind on math. Oops! So that means for the next 5 weeks we are drilling like crazy, and pounding her facts. She has already made huge improvements! She knew her multiplication facts pretty well to 3, so we started by working on the 4's.

We started drilling the Maria Miller way. You can watch a video here. (If you have any math concepts that need improved I would recommend going to YouTube, and searching Math Mammoth.) She is the creator of Math Mammoth. She also has math worksheets, which are free. We use these quite a bit. She has premade for grade level and some concepts or you can generate one with the things that need worked on.

Here is our drill work...
This is our skip counting outline. (sorry for the blurry picture!)

Then we went over the facts, again and again and again!

Something else we've been using is Timez attack. Brie hasn't had much experience with the number keypad, so her first time was horribly frustrating! I think by the third time she did this, she had all of them mastered.
( We right now are only trying the free trial. I'm still considering trying a paid membership, but haven't made any decisions yet. )



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