Capillary action

This was a fun experiment! I saw this idea several places, but I think this blog gave me the most information. In her post she links up to this site, which explains why/how this works. (Zeke had a hard time understanding it, but next time hopefully it will sink in!) You start with white carnations. I bought 5 of them, you could use more or less. I bought mine from our local flower shop, and almost had a heart attack. (I guess I'm really cheap!) I paid $10. I thought you could get roses for $1, so for a carnation it seemed like a lot! I never buy flowers, so I'm probably just really out of touch! My point is if you have a grocery store that has flowers it may be cheaper, of course like I said I never buy flowers so maybe it wouldn't be! Fill up your vases with water, and add your food coloring. The more you use the better it will turn out. (20-30 drops) On the Steve Spangler site I linked to up above he suggests cutting the ends off under water, it helps to prevent air bubbles getting in the tube. (you also want to make sure you cut at an angle!) Once you're done trimming and have your color in your vase you can put the carnation in. There is a process called split end, just like it sounds take the end of a stem and slice it up 5-6 inches. You put one end in one color and the other end in another color. We chose yellow and blue. Can you see the 2 colors? After I took the pictures, I was moving it around and the split broke. I just put it all into the blue. In case your wondering, it ended up being a green and blue flower! It was really cool to see it change again! Brie also put a red one into the blue to see if she could get a purple one. It did change, but wasn't really purple!

We had 2 reds, the split, green and orange.

This is a couple days later. It really changed color! They were beautiful, I forgot to take pictures of the other ones before they left my house. They were just as vibrant as this red one!


Mominin April 18, 2011 at 3:58 PM  

Cool!! We'll definitely be trying that one next year!

Megan April 18, 2011 at 5:35 PM  



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