Easter Party

Easter is my very favorite holiday. It is such a humbling thing for me to think about. I love being able to focus on what Jesus did for me. What God did for me (for everyone) by sending his one and only son to suffer. Something I don't deserve,and can never be good enough for. Something he didn't have to do, but because he loves me he did. What an amazing God I serve!

I decided to have an Easter party! It was lots of fun! Here you can see our simple spread! Sandwiches, Chex mix, fruit and dip, hard boiled eggs (dyed of course!) and donuts for dessert!

Zeke asked if our glasses were plastic...I laughed and showed him that they make "music", proving they're not plastic! They both tried to make music, but it didn't work for them.

Before Mark came home from work I decided to take some pictures of the kids in all their finery! If you're wondering what's up with Zeke in these photos, while I was getting dressed Zeke and Brie were playing wheelbarrow... he fell and hurt his rib. Don't you just love Reuben's expression!

Reuben had his first ear infection this week. Titus was looking in Zeke's ear saying I think you have an ear infection! Too funny!

Here he is trying to get a closer look, to confirm his diagnosis!

And here are all 4 of them looking towards the camera! I am so amazingly blessed! Look at those gorgeous faces! I look at their faces and it takes me back to what my savior did for me. Something so amazing, something I can never repay, something I don't deserve,but something he did anyway. I LOVE YOU LORD JESUS! Happy Easter everyone!


Mominin April 22, 2011 at 9:20 PM  

They look dapper!! The last one would be perfect if Zeke wasn't injured ... poor guy!


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