In past years I've kept a notebook containing my canning/freezing information. I thought it might be easier to keep record of it here on my blog.

All of this came from the strawberries in my patch and from my mom's patch. I made one regular batch of strawberry jam, and I made 2 batches of strawberry/rhubarb jam. I've frozen 10 bags of whole strawberries to use for smoothies or whatever else looks good in the winter!
I'm going to share my recipe for the strawberry/rhubarb jam. I found this recipe at Food.com, but I changed it up a bit.
On my first batch I used 3 cups strawberries, 2 cups rhubarb like it calls for and I used dutch jell instead of liquid pectin. I added a little more than 4 cups of sugar, which was plenty for us. (I can't imagine using 7 cups, like the recipe calls for.) The tart from the rhubarb wasn't quite as strong as I would've liked, so on my second batch I used 3 cups rhubarb and just shy of 4 cups of sugar. I haven't tried it yet so I don't know if it's any different than the first batch.
This recipe was super simple. It tells you to flip your jar over after you get the ring on for about
5 minutes.
(This recipe made 1pint and 6-7 half pints)

**All of my jars sealed, but I'm still storing this in the freezer for extra protection. My sil told me that one time she made grape juice, as it was coming out of the straino machine it was hot enough it was sealing the jars. They put the rings on and thought it was fine, it ended up fermenting and turning into wine! In my house this jam is like gold so I'm not willing to risk any of it going bad so that is why it's going into the freezer! If you enjoy strawberry/rhubarb together this jam is a must!



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