State study part 2

We finished up our state study with a visit to Indy. We made a side stop in Wabash. Our state song is "On the Banks of the Wabash,Far Away." We wanted to check out the river that inspired our state song. (Here are the lyrics, interesting song!) Mark and I both wanted to stay in Wabash, what a beautiful little town! We read the lyrics of the song, and then walked down a nice little path to the river. It was a beautiful way to start our morning!

We quickly got back on the road and went to The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum. (I love cars!) It was a lot of fun to see them up close! I think it would be a lot more fun to drive them though! We each picked our favorite car, but of course I didn't take a picture of the favorites! Titus was a little upset that he couldn't get inside all of them! I hope someday we can actually go to a race. We are not race fans, but to hear the sounds would be really impressive, I'm sure.

We finished out our study by stopping in at Johnny Appleseed park in Fort Wayne. We read several stories about Johnny before we got there. It seemed like a nice little park. We didn't spend much time there though, we were all tired, it was HOT, and Titus had hives. It was a quick little stop, we checked out his grave marker and went home! It was a long day, but we had a good time, and learned a few things too.


Mominin August 23, 2011 at 5:57 PM  

Looks like a great (but busy) day!!!


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