We were able to study geography for a few weeks a bit ago. We could easily study it more, and probably will. We worked on learning what all the basics are. They know most all of the state capitals, a lot of the countries, all the continents and oceans. We learned about hemispheres, longitude, and latitude. We read some great books, (some of us read the atlas for fun!!!) and did some fun projects.
The first project they started working on was making their own country. They had to name it, draw its shape, make a flag,and give detail about it. The kids are finishing this up and will be doing a presentation on it. (I'm hoping to be able to share this when it happens!)

You can see below one of the next projects. I thought this was a neat idea. I got it from this blog. You start with your home. Then your street, then state all the way out to our planet! (I scribbled out our address and town. I don't like putting that information out there for everyone to see!) (and yes, I know it's a poor scribble out job!)

This is them happily working on it!

This was another project I thought looked like fun. I found this on Pinterest. It didn't have a link, just a picture so I can't give credit where it is due. Super easy, take a paper plate and have the kids draw the 7 continents. They can label it and of course color it. It can be as accurate as they want to make it!


Mominin October 17, 2011 at 3:00 PM  

Good job guys!! I'm looking forward to reading about your presentations.


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