I don't often share "random" shots of our week.  I'm trying to use my camera more and really learn how to use it.  Some shots are great, some not so much.
( I'm still finding it hard in low light to get a good shot, oh well, more practice I guess!)

Brie working on spelling...

Reuben and his really short eyelashes!!  Can you believe those suckers.

 Reuben being cool!

Titus practicing some cutting skills, Zeke encouraging him!

Zeke with a football, because with out that ball life just isn't the same!  You can see in the picture that it is in motion, trust me it is always in motion.  He has end zones in different areas of the house, and  is constantly running plays!

A puppet show put on by Brie and Zeke.  Acting out Luke 2! 

And this pretty girl is staying with us till Christmas when she will go to her real home!  We are all absolutely loving her!  As you can see in the pictures below we are holding her, and it's amazing how much she's calmed in just a day.  She sat on my hand for a good 5 minutes today with out trying to fly away.  (her wings are clipped so she can't fly!) (otherwise we would be in serious trouble!!!)  =)


Mominin December 17, 2011 at 9:16 AM  

Really great pictures!! I think maybe you guys will need a bird for Christmas, too! Looks like a lot of fun.

Joe and Zeke will have to get together, since they both are always playing football in the house, LOL.


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