"Baking Soda" Is there anything it can't do?

I Love Baking Soda. It is my frugal friend. In my past I used baking soda like most everyone else: TO COOK. That was mostly it.

Well I have since then found many other uses. One is for deodorant. Now if you want to try this you take lotion (I use Burt's Bees, cause it's all natural) squirt some in your hand and sprinkle the soda in the same hand mix it and apply. I started doing this mainly because of health. I read about what is in most of the products on the market and decided that I didn't want to use regular deodorant anymore. For me the baking soda deodorant works much better than regular deodorant ever did. It also is cheaper. I get my lotion from Vita Cost for a little over $5 a bottle. It lasts quite a while. I also bought a huge bag of baking soda from Sam's Club for a little over $6. I think the baking soda may last forever! Just a warning: some people's underarms break out in a rash so it doesn't work for everyone. I've used it for close to a year and not really had any problems. Good luck if you decide to try it! Stay tuned for more baking soda ideas!



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