I decided to start w/ Ephesians for my bible study. I will pick a few verses at a time to study, and discuss them.

Chapter 1- v.1-2- We know that Paul is the author, and that he wrote this book to Christians in Ephesus who were faithful in Christ Jesus.

3 Give praise to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing. Those blessings come from the heavenly world. They belong to us because we belong to Christ.
4 God chose us to belong to Christ before the world was created. He chose us to be holy and without blame in his eyes. He loved us. 5 So he decided long ago to adopt us as his children. He did it because of what Jesus Christ has done. It pleased God to do it. 6 All those things bring praise to his glorious grace. God freely gave us his grace because of the One he loves.

God blessed us w/ every spiritual blessing by sending his son. God made his choice before the creation of the world. We should live a holy life w/out blame because it pleases him and because He loves us. He wants us to focus on him. He freely gave us his grace because of the One (Jesus) he loves. I think verse 6 should really make us think about the life we are living. Are we living a life that pleases him?

Father~ Thank you for sending your son and for loving us the way you do even when we don't deserve it. Help us to be living a life that's pleasing to you. In your name Amen



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