It feels pretty nice to be back to a normal schedule. We did school this morning, which I thought was nice. I'm not sure Brie agreed, but she didn't complain about it. We have 13 weeks left for our school year, pretty exciting to think about! Then it will be time to get ready for the baby. Then I will have to prepare for next years school. I will be rudely awakened I'm sure cause I will have 2 students. I'm sure we will make it tho. We will be rearranging bedrooms here within the next few weeks. I will be sure to post pictures of before and afters.(unless blogger won't let me) We just ordered bunk beds on Saturday for the boys. I hope that is an easy transition. Brie and Zeke both went into a real bed between 20-24 months with no problems, so hopefully Titus will too. I will be planning on getting back to James tomorrow. Hope you all had great vacations!



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