Baby Food! Part 3

Part three the final part! ( I know your relieved!)

One of the easiest things you can do to make your own food is smash it in a bowl. I picked a banana. It would work with most anything that's soft and mushy!

Here you can see it smashed, easy and it's ready to be fed to baby or to freeze.

Here is another way to do it if you don't have a mixer. (like in part 2) I bought mine locally for about $10. Here is one on Amazon for about the same price. (My main use for this is as the baby gets older and starts eating table food.)

Here it is with some peaches in it.

And here it is "grinding" the peaches.

And here they are ready to eat.
Something else I like about making my own food is I can choose what to make. I haven't bought jars for about 5 years so maybe this has changed....Avocados are very healthy,but you cant buy it in a jar. So your baby misses out on the benefits. Another bonus to me, I can mix things. What I mean by that is if your baby doesn't like something (green beans,avocados) you can add something else to it. Reuben gets avocados/sweet potatoes/and a fruit. He will eat it this way. Plain avocados GAG him. (which I totally understand!!)



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