Spanish book list

Before I get to my book list, couple of thoughts!

~I know I've been posting a lot about homeschooling. Those of you who don't homeschool, I'm sorry.
~ I firmly believe that schooling is a choice. Homeschooling IS NOT right for everyone. You have to decide what works for you. Homeschooling is right for our family. Will it always be, I don't know, only God does.
~I am in no way trying to tell anyone what to do, or say homeschooling is the only way, or that I'm better than someone because I homeschool. I'm simply sharing what we do, and how we do it. Some days are beautiful, some days are not. I believe that is life!
Now on to my book list!
We read only bits and pieces of this book. We also watched a Ponce DE Leon movie from Netflix.

We really enjoyed this book. I personally didn't know anything about Balboa, so it was nice to learn about him.

This book was a hard read for my 1st and 3rd grader. A lot of facts, so we only read parts of it.

Great book. It's about a boy who traveled along with Christopher Columbus.

This book led us to watch some bull fighters!

Wonderful read, we all enjoyed it! It's about a girl who gets a special gift and her family gives her some ideas how to use it. Lot's of great recipes in it too!
After this book we worked on Salsa dancing. Hearing Salsa made me think about dancing so we had to look into it! Brie and Zeke learned a few salsa steps and danced and danced, too cute!

I will be honest right now I don't remember this book!

This book is an alphabet book. It's in Spanish and English! I read the English part, and when Daddy got home from work he read the Spanish part!

I thought this was a cute book. A bug (i think) is asked by several creatures for her hand in marriage. She falls in love with a mouse and agrees to marry him. I won't tell you anymore, I recommend you read it and find out what happens!

This book had lots of good stories in it.

We also colored the Mexican flag and some maps. I hope you enjoyed looking into our Spanish Unit! (We have separate math, bible, spelling, and Grammar.)


Megan January 27, 2011 at 9:15 AM  

Looks like a great list of books and an interesting study! I bet the salsa dancing was priceless!!

Gaertegang January 27, 2011 at 11:33 AM  

Thanks for taking the time to share your list! Also Happy B-day Gabriella!


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