We have completed day 3 of our first unit for school, and we are really enjoying ourselves! I'm almost confident if we were stranded in the great outdoors we would die! LOL! It's really a lot harder than you would think! (or maybe we're just really pathetic!) We are using 2 books for reference. The first one is "Outdoor Survival Handbook for Kids" written by Willy Whitfeather. The next one we've been using is "Improve Your Survival Skills" and it's an Usborne Superskills book. I would recommend both of them, they have a lot of useful information!

Mr. Whitefeather is an honorary Chief of the Black Creek Cherokee of Florida. I don't know as much about Native Americans as I would like to, but I believe that they found "God" or a spirit in all living things. (as you read this book that is pretty clear.) After reading the first page he talks about relying on yourself. Brie right away said that's not right! I had pre-read the book and had already pulled several verses from the bible that talked about relying on God. It was helpful to talk about the fact that God gave us a brain to use, and that we can think for ourselves and use our skills to help us. I was quick to point out though, that we need to rely on God and seek him for wisdom and help.

The first activity the kids worked on was a lean-to. We read about a few different shelters to build, but the kids thought this one seemed easiest. They did have a difficult time finding a tree with a fork in it. I'm planning on making them try to build a different shelter too. They need to be prepared to be be in a forest and not have a forked tree available, right?

This is where they are getting most all of their wood from.

They decided this forked tree looked like the best option. (they had already started working on the lean-to in this picture.)

Still working on trying to cover it all up.

They were done with it here! (now you all know why we wouldn't survive!) (we need lots more practice!) We were on our way out when I happened to spot a little traveler trying out the lean-to!

Here is a close up of him! Eastern Box Turtle! (sorry my camera focused on the ground in front of him, instead of on him!!)

I'll be sharing soon about our attempt at starting a fire!


Gaertegang May 18, 2011 at 5:25 PM  

That's great! Sounds fun.

Megan May 18, 2011 at 5:32 PM  

Good job, guys!! I'd say that shelter's looking pretty good!!

Mominin May 18, 2011 at 5:39 PM  

This is pretty cool!! Maybe you and the kids will have to do a mini teaching session during vacation this year and teach us all some basics! So ... it's not as easy as Bear Gryllis makes it look????

Genesa May 18, 2011 at 8:14 PM  

Shannon...We are certainly not up to par with Bear Gryllis!!! =)


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