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This post is a little picture heavy, sorry! 
We decided to try our hand at washing clothes just like the pioneers did.  My kids really enjoyed this!  Brie asked if we could do shirts the next day!  Laundry is my nemesis, so maybe I should let the kids start to wash it the old fashioned way!
  We used an old wash board, a water bath canner to wash in and 2 five gallon buckets to rinse with. In our house we use castile soap to wash with, I decided that was close enough to what they would have used.  I know it's not exact, but sometimes you have to use what you have!
We only washed socks.  I thought that would be easiest!  They all thought the socks seemed whiter when they were done, compared to when they're washed by a machine.  

I didn't do it true to the way the pioneers did. The pioneers would have done it by heating water over a fire.  Once the water was hot they would've added cold to make it OK to touch.    (I got hot water out of the tap and then added cold so it was warm to touch.)   The 2 rinse buckets were cold. 

Brie hard at work!  She did mention it was set up wrong for her to use as she's a lefty!! (oops!)

The boys had fun rinsing the socks out!  (a chance to play in the water always = fun!)

Reuben wanted included in all the picture taking!
 Grabbing for the rinsed out sock!

Titus rinsing his sock out! 
Titus giving it a go!

Rubbing soap over the board first, the way the pioneers did! 

Really working hard to try to get those socks white!

Zeke working with a smile!


Mominin October 27, 2011 at 9:12 AM  

Looks like a lot of fun! Why don't you guys to Aunt Shannon's house to do a little laundry!

Megan October 27, 2011 at 6:13 PM  

Looks like fun and a great idea to try!!


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