Leap day

Happy Leap Day!!!!!   I wanted to start the day off with something special, the hubs after looking a bit suggested eating something we normally wouldn't eat for breakfast.  Something decadent or really hard, or time consuming!  I thought decadent sounded the best!!!!
 I remembered seeing cake in a cup on Pinterest.  I thought that sounded great.  Your own personal cake!  So we started our day with chocolate cake and fresh made whipped cream, with chocolate sprinkles!! (and hot cocoa!)  I used this recipe.  It was very easy! (I think the only change I made was to use sugar instead of splenda!!!)

After doing our main subjects we did a time capsule of sorts.  I asked the kids some questions and wrote down their answers!  I'm going to seal it in an envelope that says do not open until Feb. 29, 2016.  I think it will be interesting to read, especially Reuben's answers!!!
We also learned why we have leap year.  Later this afternoon we will have a leaping contest!  We may even play leap frog!!  Are you doing anything special for Leap Day?  


Mominin February 29, 2012 at 4:04 PM  

Ha! That's so funny ... we made a time capsule, too! Great minds must think alike, right!?!

Gaertegang February 29, 2012 at 4:16 PM  

your treat looks yummy!


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