I decided to try something new!  I'm going to share my favorite photos from the past month! Feel free to join me!

We started May with birthday parties for our 3 boys.  The first party was a breakfast party!    We had cereal, french toast, bacon, eggs, oranges, and donuts for dessert! 
The second party we had walking tacos!  I thought they were the coolest thing ever, but I don't get out much!!!   We had smores for dessert!

The boys got some Playmobil stuff for their birthdays, here they are trying out some of the boats!

I had the honor of taking some photos for my cousins wedding...these 2 were my favorites. (it was hard to narrow it down to 2!)

 The rest of the month was spent getting ready to go on vacation, and then actually going on vacation!
The first 2 pictures are from Mark's grandpa's filbert (hazelnut) orchard. 

 Reuben with a cat...Brie was devastated that we couldn't bring it home.  She is still hoping it will make it here somehow!

 Mark's grandfather and Reuben.  They made quite a connection!  Grandpa is 98.  He was running around and chasing Reuben!  It was a joy to watch them bond, and at times a little scary!!!
 After a short (too short!) visit in the valley, we went to the coast for a week!

 This is Thor's Well...it's a hole in the ground.  (I would highly recommend checking it out on Google!) You can see the water coming up and out!  This was at low tide, I wish we could have seen it at high tide!

  Sea anemone!  They were very sticky to touch!

 A sea of driftwood!

  This is what happens when you have a child pushing the buttons to take the picture!  ( he accidentally bumped it and changed the whole photo!  He then decided to try and push us all into the shot!!)
 I've never seen a seal on the beach!  We actually saw 2...it was very exciting!  I just wanted to show how close we were to it!

 Titus spent a lot of time loading his pockets with shells!

 Starfish!  Sea star!  What do you call them?

 Brie picking up the sea stars off of the beach, throwing them back into the ocean!

 Blue heron

Zeke and Logan saying goodbye!  Logan is our niece from California, the past 5-7 years she has been able to come out for a visit.  I'm so happy she was able to come to the coast for a little bit!

Reuben and Papa

Titus and  a pirate ship kite!

The second seal!  This little seal was just down at the end of the beach from our house!  We learned that their mothers leave them somewhere on the shore, (normally in the rocks) the mothers then go out to feed.  When they have eaten their fill they come in to nurse the babies.  From what I understand they come and go like that for quite a while! 

Dodging the waves! 

I have hundreds of pictures from our 10 days in Oregon!  If I find the time I may post some more! 


Mominin June 7, 2012 at 6:21 PM  

Beautiful photos!!! I look forward to seeing the rest of the Oregon shots.

You're pictures of the wedding are great!!!

Gaertegang June 7, 2012 at 8:56 PM  

How fun! Loved all the pics!


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