Titus Jack~  You are such a blessing in our life.  You bring so much happiness to everyone who knows you!  I can't believe you are 5.  We love you buddy!  Happy birthday! 

T~ Terrific- You have a terrific heart, and a terrific sense of humor!

I~ Irresistible- Just look at this photo....who could resist him?

T~ Talkative-  You never stop talking!  

U~  Unique-  You are one of a kind!  We never know what to expect with you!  You are positive that you are going to be a pirate when you grow up, if that's not unique I don't know what is!!!

S~  Silly- We laugh all the time at the silly things you do!

Some bonus shots, because he's so cute I have to share them!  I know some are a little blurry...this boy had me laughing, I couldn't keep the camera still!  (and I'm still working on those settings!)


Mominin April 27, 2012 at 8:37 AM  

Great pictures of a super cute little guy! I love the 5 shirt!

Titus ... you are a super special guy who is loved by all!!! We love you! Have a wonderful 5th year ... and may you do lots of piratey things!


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