Craft Project

I saw THIS awesome idea earlier this week. I knew I wanted to do it. My only problem was the 4x6 size wouldn't work where I was going to use it at, it would've been too small. I thought about it for a while and decided to try this instead.

I was headed to Hobby Lobby so I just added a few more items to my list.
I got 4 painters canvas's for $10. You can often get them 50% off, I got them 30% off.

I then got this Mod Podge for $7. It's a huge bottle, that will last me a LONG time.
I then spray painted the canvas. (which I still have left from painting the furniture)

I then picked one of my favorite verses. I went into Adobe (photo editing) and typed it up.

I then printed it out.

I was going to just slap the whole paper on the canvas. Mark wasn't sure he liked that idea so we got a little creative.

You spread a thinnish layer of the Mod Podge on the dried painted canvas.

You then arrange your words, (or pictures if you do the original idea) and smooth out any bubbles. Let it dry.

Then hang it where ever you desire. Easy Peasy.....

Close up of the verse.


Megan January 29, 2010 at 2:23 PM  

Very cool idea! Love it!


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