Unit Studies

I've been interested in unit studies for as long as I can remember! They have always seemed like a lot of fun, you could do so many things with them. I've used "unit study" curriculum where you study one subject for a week, but I always wanted it to be more. After some reading and some thought we decided we would try unit studies this year. My sil mentioned a lady named Valerie Bendt, she is a homeschooler and author. She specializes in unit studies.
She has a lot of good information. While I was reading her book (I've only read the one pictured here, she has several others) it all seemed so clear to me. It was what I had been wanting to do for a long time. It didn't give a lot of examples of her plans, more just some of her experiences, advice on books/schedules. She talks about how they would read a book; Heidi. They would then study the Switzerland area. They would read an autobiography about Johanna Spyri, the author. They would read about someone or something from the time the book was written. Sometimes they would create plays and do costumes and video them.
I will be sharing soon on how I planned our unit studies.



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